No politician can seize power in America – Biden

Joe Biden

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

US President-elect, Joe Biden has said no politician can seize power in America, as the will of the people will always prevail.

Biden won the presidential election in November, defeating incumbent President Donald Trump.

But Trump has refused to accept defeat and has been trying to discredit the poll overwhelmingly given to Biden by over 75 million Americans.

Trump has lost several court bids to discredit the poll and claim victory through the back door and he is not giving up yet.

The president-elect, in a tweet, said the American people would never allow politicians to seize power as their will must always prevail.

“In America, politicians can’t assert, take, or seize power. It has to be given by the American people.

“We can’t ever give that up. The will of the people must always prevail,” he tweeted.

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