Mr Abdul-Hamed Salawu, Chairman, Somolu Local Government Council

The Somolu Local Government Council in Lagos State is set to establish a high-tech fire service station to tackle any fire incident within the community.

Mr Abdul-Hamed Salawu, the Council Chairman, announced this in a statement on Sunday in Lagos.

Salawu said this was part of efforts in ensuring conformity with the rules of safety due to the commercial nature of the area.

“We intend to build a high-tech Somolu Fire Station and we have taken delivery of firefighter trucks,” he said.

He said that the recent fire incidents at Olaleye and Alade markets in Somolu community would have been under swift control if the community has its own fire station.

According to him, the two newly acquired firefighting trucks would work with an ambulance to respond to emergency situations within Somolu environs to save lives and properties.

“The high-tech firefighting trucks are fully equipped with multiple channel water hoses, power generating set and searchlight engines,” he said.

Salawu, however, assured that printing press companies, petrol stations, gas plants, shopping malls, corporate offices and residents of Somolu would breathe a sigh of relief for safety against the inferno.

“Somolu is getting transformed into an ICT hub, despite the fact that the area is still very well known as a commercial hub for printing business for decades,’’ he said.

He said that his administration was determined to provide amenities needed for taxpayers to benefit from a business hub in a megacity.

“Roads, electricity, security and safety infrastructures are all part of the amenities my administration is working more on,’’ he said.