Lagos Prince Oshodi claims to have the stolen staff of Oba Akiolu [Video]

Abisoye with the Staff of the Oba of Lagos
Abisoye Oshodi speaking in the video

By Abankula

A Prince of Lagos, Abisoye Oshodi, said to based in London, claimed he has in his possession the authentic staff of office of Oba Rilwan Akiolu, stolen during a sack of the palace by hoodlums in late October.

Abisoye in a viral video on Facebook on Saturday posted by Yoruba-Brazilian Descendants Renascimento Association, said the staff of office brought to the palace on 1 January by Oba Akiolu was fake.

He therefore slammed the king for being an impostor.

He claimed Lagos no longer has a king and Akiolu no longer has a right to the Lagos stool.

Abisoye with the Staff of the Oba of Lago
Abisoye Oshodi shows the Lagos royal Staff in his possession

Abisoye appeared to be in touch with the people who took the original staff, who, he claimed sent it to him.

In the video, he shows the staff and declared that ‘this is the real one’.

He said Oba Akiolu should vacate office, on account of this.

He called the Oba a self-centred king who does not have the interest of Lagos and is hobnobbing with others, who also do not have the interest of the people.

Abisoye mocked Oba Rilwan over his statement that whoever stole the staff would die in 41 days.

He said the 41 days has elapsed.

The video however has generated heated controversy, with many commenters saying Akiolu should inform Interpol of the theft and get Abisoye arrested.

But Abisoye also appeared to enjoy the support of a lot of people who reacted to the post

Watch the post if you understand Yoruba:


  1. But how did the opa leave the shores of the country without anyone at the ports suspecting as long as it is??? It’s not a pin nauuu, just thinking out loud.

  2. That’s what happens when politicians choose the who becomes the king instead of the choice from Ifa divination. Majority of the present Yoruba Obas are political appointees. They were neither blessed nor anointed by Ifa or Orunmila, therefore they are bound to be ridiculed. As for Londoner prince, now that he has the original staff of office, he can establish his own kingdom next to the Buckingham palace and become the King of England

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