Welcome 2021! Good riddance to 2020

Welcome 2021, Good riddance to 2020
Welcome 2021, Good riddance to 2020

New Zealand and Australia have already welcome the New Year 2021, setting their backs on the pandemic wracked 2020

In New Zealand, the streets were crowded with festivities as the new year rolled in.

But in Australia celebration was more muted.

Fireworks in Sydney harbour to mark 2021. The harbour is empty

And it shall be the same in many parts of the world, fighting to tame the ravaging pandemic that has killed over 1.8million people and infected over 83 million.

In New Zealand, where only 25 people have ever died of Covid-19 and restrictions are virtually non-existent, crowds of partygoers packed into Auckland streets for midnight fireworks, reports Mail Online.

In Australia, which has also fended off the worst of the pandemic, life was normal enough for some revellers to gather in Melbourne and Sydney.

But they were few compared to yesteryears.

The Sydney Opera House fireworks soared into the sky, but the harbour below was empty as a ghost town, a fittingly creepy send-off for a year that will not be missed.

No light show will illuminate Beijing from the top of the TV tower”, reports Reuters.

“The lions of London’s Trafalgar Square will be barricaded off.

“In Rome, crowds will not assemble in St Peter’s Square, the Pope will lead no mass, and revellers will not make their yearly dive into the Tiber.

The New Year’s Eve ball will drop on Broadway. But in place of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers packed shoulder-to-shoulder into Times Square, the audience will be a small pre-selected group of nurses, doctors and other key workers, their families kept six feet apart in socially distanced pens.

Good riddance, 2020. Hello, 2021.

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