Video: TB Joshua visits 142-year-old woman, gives her N300,000

T.B Joshua with the two women
T.B Joshua with the two women

Founder, Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua has visited a 142-year-old woman in a rural community in Nigeria.

The woman is said to be the oldest in the community.

He gave the woman the sum of N300,000 for her upkeep and advised her to ensure she had no rift with anybody as death could come at anytime.

Joshua told the old woman, in an unnamed Nigerian village to send her children to anyone she thought she had rift with in a bid to settle the issue at hand, while wishing her more years to come.

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The SCOAN founder said the habit of vising old women after his communion with God had been his practice.

“Every rightful man simply has great habits. This is one of my habits: To see to the welfare of our elderly ones, most especially before and after my communion with God,” he said.

He also visited another old woman in another community in a bid to her her need.


  1. We can not thank God enough for the gift of this True Man of God (Prophet TB Joshua).
    I pray that the uncommon anointing upon by Our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to to increase on daily basis in his life.
    May God grant him all his heart’s desires, bless his immediate family members, the Evangelists( e.g Sister Yinka, supportive workers(like Iyaibeji) and the entire SCOAN more abundantly in Jesus’Name, Amen.

  2. These philanthropic and charitable donations are commendable given the non-challant attitude of successive past governments in the country towards the aged. Perhaps, only the Jonathan administration has ever alluded to the plight of the elders in the country but then the idea was shot down by a woman minister of state in his government. I remember trying to remind her at the time that she won’t be in the office for ever and that she too will become too old to care for herself later in life. May
    God in His infinite wisdom continue to bless his anointed Prophet, Pastor T B Joshua, Amen.

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