Mrs Titilayo Eboh

By Daniels Ekugo

As majority of Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ which signifies God’s gift and token of love to the world. Christian have been encouraged to use this period to extend love and give to others especially those who can’t payback.

One woman who has been doing this even on a monthly basis is the President, Blessed Hope Foundation, Mrs. Titilayo Eboh who believes in the Christian doctrine of giving and famous inaugural speech of former American President, John F Kennedy who said “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country”

Mrs Titilayo Mary Eboh heart of Gold is second to none as she has passion to support the Vulnerable, the prisoners and orphanage homes. she has consistently asking for their needs and reaching out to them on a monthly basis and not just because of festive Period.

In an exclusive chat when she was asked why she chose to reach out to the motherless homes, she said “Not just the motherless but the vulnerable people, those that don’t have hope, and they don’t have the means to say thank you to you. I’m not expecting anything in return from them. Have been through a lot in life, I have seen prisoners that they are not supposed to be in prison but I have a heart for such people that have been abandoned.
I’m happy when I reach out to them. It’s part of what we do at Blessed Hope Foundation, it’s part of my vision.

“Have started it with Port Harcourt prison and Suleja prison. Like the last two weeks, I sent foodstuffs to them. I’m not just fond of showcasing what I do and on a monthly basis at Port Harcourt prison, I go there myself, you can confirm from DC. Buy foodstuffs and basic things they need and a motherless Home at Isanlu in Kogi state, I normally visit them too and Blessed Hope Foundation will reach out to some motherless homes in Abuja before we cross over to the year 2021.

She was recently honored by Top flyers Magazine as “Iconic Philanthropist woman of the year 2020” in Abuja.
Mrs Titilayo Eboh is a mother, lover of God, a Philanthropist who does not like to blow her trumpet, she had her secondary education at Remo Secondary School, Sagamu before she went to Ahmadu Bello University and did her masters degree at the prestigious University of Liverpool in Uk.