Akinola Malolu: President of Yoruba Ronu group

By Muhaimin Olowoporoku

Pan-Yoruba Leadership forum, Yoruba Ronu has called on all Nigerians to remain cautious next year in the wake of the dreaded COVID-19 virus and growing insecurity in the country.

The group in a release signed by its President, Akinola Malaolu notes that too many lives have been lost to COVID-19 owing to insufficient attention by the government and other stakeholders.

They urged Nigerians to observe safety protocols laid down to curtail the spread of the dread virus.

“We urge our people to respect the protocols and measures outlined to contain the spread of COVID-19 as no permanent cure has been found. We must halt the imperiling of the future through our unbridled love for freedom. We must stop being stubborn in not heeding good counsel. We must stop leading people to avoidable calamity in the name of festivities and religiosity.

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The group lauded state governments for its effort in containing the virus through clear directives on watch night services and congregational worships.

However, Yoruba Ronu lamented the state of insecurity in the nation calling it a viral menace.

The group said it is time for tactics to change and admit that other stakeholders have a role to play in ending the menace.

“On the issue of insecurity, which predates the viral menace, we must confess that the federal government must admit that it is not winning the war against violent insecurity. The time has come to change tactics, and admit that other stakeholders have legitimate and complementary roles to play.

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The group recommended that state policing has become a reality owing to the vast size of the country.

It described community policing as “strong, safe, and knowledge-driven, united country that enjoys the support of the people.

The group urged communities to become vigilant of its membership pointing that all Nigerians are security officials. They urged that good people pursuing legitimate interests are to be welcomed and be wary of strangers whose antecedents are unknown.

The group specifically urged Yoruba to scrutinize more closely activities in their forests to ensure greater security and movement of people and goods.

“For the Yoruba, we urge them to intensify closer scrutiny of what goes on in the forests to ensure greater security in the movements of people and goods. This is the time to make it unprofitable for deviants who have made a business of killing, raping, and kidnapping for ransoms.

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While calling upon people of goodwill to join hands in reclaiming the country, they wished Nigerians a happy and more vigilant new year.