2023 presidency: Afenifere speaks on Tinubu, Fayemi, Bakare’s ambition

Fayemi, Tinubu and Bakare
Fayemi, Tinubu and Bakare

The pan Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere on Wednesday bared its mind on the 2023 presidential ambition of the National leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu; Governor Kayode Fayemi and Pastor Tunde Bakare.

National Publicity Secretary, Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin, said the group was aware that Tinubu, Fayemi and Bakare were scheming to be president in 2023, but that none of them had received the endorsement of Afenifere yet.

Odumakin spoke at the Punch Online interview programme, ‘The Roundtable.’

He said  there is no doubt that Tinubu is a leader in Yorubaland but that he is not the leader of the Yoruba people.

Odumakin said to say that Tinubu had done more for the Yoruba people is debatable, saying that no one would earn Afenifere’s support simply because he is a Yoruba man.

He said the group would examine what such people stood for before deciding its choice.

Right now, Odumakin said Afenifere was not supporting any one at the moment, but only watching those who were interested in the 2023 presidency, including Fayemi, Tinubu, and Bakare and other non-Yoruba people.

He stated that where each aspirant stood for on the issue of restructuring and federalism would determine who got its support, stressing that the group was not afraid to state its support for any candidate and any party.


  1. If God is for Tinubu, who can be against him? It is a good time a united force of all Oduduwa groups come together as one; to join forces against the Fulani Feudal Lords, herdsmen/kidnappers and their Chinese collaborators and their western allies.

  2. Is Afenifere still existing? Maybe in name and not in structure. Odumakin is a greedy man just looking for patronage. Who you be, Odumakin? Who you epp?

  3. If Tinubu runs, he would get APC ticket and win the general election unless Buhari betrays him.

    Fayemi is not ready yet. Bakare cannot rule Nigeria because of his ego and he won’t get any support in the South West.

  4. Odumakin and his cohorts are not speaking for Yoruba people and therefore cannot decide who to support. Afenifere died with Pa Adesanya. The current members only exist on pages of newspapers but not on ground politically. They have been working and supporting PDP clandestinely collecting from them. For their information, Tinubu is the Yoruba leader and does not need support of moribund and greedy Afenifebi under hustler Odumakin and co. What is the contribution of Afenifebi to Yoruba progress and development in the last 10 years?

  5. Who is TINUBU? The bullion van thief? Nigeria no be Lagos. So kindly advise your TINUBU to quietly bury his inordinate ambition or else…….

  6. Who are these Afenifere sef. I am Yoruba and like many of my kinsmen, we don’t know them or their usefulness. It is Tinubu we support, because he is a visionary leader, unlike all these so-called leaders looking for cho chop.

  7. Afenifere as a social political organization in Yoruba, is already dead and buried. Afenifere has no voice in Yoruba Nation again, therefore, Odumakin and His co-horts should go and sleep

  8. That’s your own personal opinion Mr Odumakin. I am a Yorube man and Tinubu is my leader. He is to me like the late Pa Abraham Adesanya. Most of you calling yourself Afenifere cannot win your polling booth in any free and fair election.

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