NAF bombs Sambisa Forest, several insurgents killed


By Muhaimin Olowoporoku

The Nigerian Air Force has bombed Sambisa Forest, killing several insurgents and destroying their structures and logistic stores.

A statement issued by Major General John Enenche, Coordinator Defence Media Operations, Defence Headquarters on Tuesday said the air task force destroyed hideout, neutralizes, several terrorists at Sambisa Forest.
He added that the air interdiction missions conducted by the Air Task Force had dealt decisive blows on the insurgents.

“The strike were conducted after intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions as the troops proceeded to bomb the ‘S’ region in Sambisa forest.

“The airstrike, which was executed employing a force package of Nigerian Air Force (NAF) fighter jets, was carried out after series of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions revealed that the terrorists responsible for recent attacks in the Southern part of Borno and Northern part of Adamawa State had originated from the location,” he said.

“Accordingly, the NAF attack aircraft engaged the target area in successive passes, leading to the destruction of some of their structures and logistics stores, including a suspected anti-aircraft gun station as the terrorists fired at the NAF aircraft. Several insurgents were also neutralized in the process,” Enenche stated.




  1. Yeah!right, No Video of terrorists killed. NAF is a laughing stock,that’s why there are no much comments here because Nigerians are sick and tired of made up stories of some bombed ” ghost terrorists,”without bodies by NAF. Next is so said terrorist “bombed,” will resurrect and go kidnap some school kids and demand ransom and then back to square one again and ……… the circle never ends. The story goes round and round and ……… never ending. Where was I? My bad,I fell asleep. God help Nigeria.

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