Marriage where ‘I’m sorry’ is absent dead: Pastor Ezekiel Atang

Pastor Ezekiel Atang on how to save marriages
Pastor Ezekiel Atang: unveils antidote to failed marriages

By Abankula

Pastor Ezekiel Atang, leader of the Uyo, Akwa Ibom based God’s House of Refuge has introduced the antidote for failed marriages and relationships.

In a sermon at the weekend, Atang declared: A marriage where ‘I am sorry’ is absent is a dead marriage.

”Proud people are not capable of repentance. How do you know proud people? Proud people cannot apologise.

“I see it common among more men than some few women I have heard about, “My husband cannot apologise,”

“Pastor ask him here, have you ever apologised since we got married?” and the husband is trying to defend himself, you need help.

“A marriage where ‘I am sorry’ is lacking is a dead marriage, you bring back life by being humble enough to say I am sorry.

“I am sorry should not lack in your mouth as a married person, it is the antidote against disaster. I am sorry is not a magical word, it is a miraculous word, it must be plenty in your mouth.

“”Your ability to apologise is a revelation of your humility.

“Admitting wrong doing and repenting is one of the highest of human virtues. You work in your marriage by working on yourself.

“The humbler you are, the greater hope there is for your marriage”.

Atang, University of Calabar alumnus got married to Dr Dara in December 2001.

Then he went on to found his church in April 2006.

He has been involved in counselling couples for years via his Fresh Wine for Couples International, an organization that enriches marriages and relationships through seminars, conferences and Marriage Schools.

He has held talks for couples in cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Accra and weekly he holds Singles Frank Talk, which draws upward of 6-8,000 youths monthly.

He is the author of the book “Understanding Sex”.

He has also authored other books such as Lord, am still single, why? The marriage parable, Overcoming Masturbation, Sex and Destiny, Communication without Contention, Transforming your marriage in 40days etc

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