Liverpool star Salah sparks controversy for celebrating Christmas

Mo Salah and his family pose for cute Christmas photo
Mo Salah and his family pose for cute Christmas photo

Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah sparked controversy on social media after he joined Christians to celebrate Christmas.

The Liverpool star posted a photo of his family in front of a Christmas tree.

The Liverpool star shared the picture of himself, his wife, and daughter on Instagram.

The post has garnered widespread attention and had been commented on more than 24,000 times on Wednesday, Egyptian Streets reported.

A quick scroll through the comments immediately reveals a bitter divide. Many of Salah’s fans reacted with overwhelming support for the Premier League football star, commending him for promoting unity across religious lines.

But others have attacked him on religious grounds, citing the Islamic view that it is impermissible to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

The debate quickly broke out on social media platform Twitter as well.

Salah was commended by many for his message of pluralism and peace.

Others shared their disappointment in the Liverpool striker.


  1. A typical example is here. Did you ever see Buhari celebrating Christmas with Christians? But when he needed their votes, he picked a pastor.

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