Alibaba cooks on Urban Kitchen Show

By Daniels Ekugo

Urban kitchen show is regarded as a rebirth of culinary shows in Nigeria by pundits.

The show aims at teaching its viewers how affordable good and healthy meals can come and at the same time infusing entertainment into this process to help penetrate the message(s).

As Urban Kitchen teams up with Power Oil on its fourth season, Alibaba the king of Comedy will be on this year’s Christmas edition not as a tater but as a cook.

Starting from Christmas day, Alibaba will be on NTA IBADAN, ITV BENNIN, ITV ABUJA, TVC LAGOS, NTA KANO, ABS AWKA, KWARA TV, RSTV PORT HARCOURT and 4 other stations across Nigeria to put his negotiation and cooking skills to test as he will be put under financial pressure to make a meal for an unsuspecting fan on a budget.

According to Sate Television, the owners of Urban Kitchen show, anyone who cooks on the show would first have to negotiate his or her budget with the Hostess Chinonso Arubayi, then head to a local market to purchase ingredients for the meal of the day.

Alibaba is not left out in this as the King of comedy will be seen in person in a regular market to buy all it requires to make his meal a sumptuous one for his unsuspecting fan.

The show has arguably offered the rest of the world a fresh perspective to how they see Africa at large and Nigeria in particular through food and quality contents.

The birth of Urban Kitchen Show has given Chefs, Cooks, Foodies and other stakeholders a global platform to showcase their cooking skills get as it airs in UK, USA and 12 stations across Nigeria.

The production standard of the show has earned it a space on platforms like Amazon Prime, Inflight, Vrye Network, SkyUK e.t.c

The show has been graced by celebrities like Ramsey Noah, Basket Mouth, Jude Chukwuka, Kcee, Yvonne Jegede, Meg Otawan, Praiz, Frank Donga, Eva, Vector 9ice, Daddy Showkey, Pasuma, Joseph Benjamin, Adewale Ayuba, the list goes on and on.

As one of the aims on the show is to give exposure to cooks and chefs, chefs and cooks have emerged from Jigawa State, Port Harcourt, Oshogbo, South Africa, Ghana, Abuja the list seems to be endless

In a chat with Brandslay Global, the marketing company for Urban Kitchen show ‘beyond teaching the viewers how to make a meal on the Budget, the show has within its three years of existence offer a unique proposition that sets it apart from other shows.

‘Asides the experiential online contest where interested chefs battle their ways into the studio on a weekly basis, the winning chef will have to go to the market to buy ingredients and showcase their bargaining capabilities to get all they need within the allocated budget.

‘And then there is also the Homeplay which is phenomenal because it offers the viewers the opportunity to replicate the meal of the day. All of these open up massive branding opportunities for current sponsors as well as potential sponsoring brands.

‘Great platform to explore options of brand integration and measurable consumer engagement – online and offline. Urban Kitchen show undoubtedly offers huge brand visibility that every SMART brand that knows exactly what it wants will sure want to go for.’

According to Daodu Omoluku the CEO of Sate Television, “Urban Kitchen show is not just a mere TV show, it is a movement ‘if you ask a roomful of average African/Nigerian people what their biggest budget busters are, many of them will say their food spending is an issue.

“In fact, many Africans/Nigerians literally eat through their income, knowingly spending more than they should on dining out.”

Nigeria tops the world’s list of highest spenders on food, Nigeria spends over half of household income on food, and there are nine other countries that spend over 40% on food. Four of them are in Africa: Nigeria 56.4%; Kenya 46.7%; Cameroon 45.6%; and Algeria 42.5%. USA spends only 6.4%, Singapore 6.7% and UK 8.2%.

There is a great and urgent need to get people back into the kitchen and there is no better time than now’.