2023: Nigerian Youths to seek political power

Young Progressive Party (YPP)
Young Progressive Party (YPP)

Ahead of 2023 general elections, some Nigerian youths are regrouping under the banner of the Young Progressive Party (YPP), in a bid to seek an alternative solution to their problems, including taking political power from the elites.

The YPP is a social-democratic political party in Nigeria, created to challenge the two major parties, the ruling the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Mr Charles Folayan, the leader of the youths, disclosed this in a statement on Sunday in Abuja.

He said that the current political permutation among elites in the country was not in their favour, adding that there was the need to move swiftly to arrest the situation.

He said, “We have observed that the ongoing 2023 political permutations among the political elites do not reasonably consider the youth, and the various agitations of the youth had not been given the needed priority.”

Folayan said that the Nigerian youth are now busy searching for alternative solutions to the problems bedevilling them through the YPP.

He disclosed that the internet was already providing them with alternative solutions, however undesirable.

According to him, the dangers of leaving the youth to their own devices to “fend” for themselves, have been demonstrated in recent times.

“Therefore, the energy of the youth must be directed towards finding solutions to their problems,” he said.

He said this will forestall their energy being diverted to destructive activities that would not help anyone at the end.

“Therefore, we have taken it as our mission to galvanize the energy of the youth, their strength, creativity, ideas and capabilities to drive the economy and governance of Nigeria to meet the aspirations of all,” he indicated.

The youths cut across political parties who are seeking to join forces to wrestle power in the 2023 general elections.


  1. For Nigerian Youths to succeed in forming a political party, there must be wide non tribal consultations. Carry all Nigerian Youths along. Devoid of one man or a group of few people dominance. Credible people that will not be sell-out to APC. APC as it is today has nothing to offer but to distoy this country. For lobbying other political opponents to cross to APC under this nation’s problem shows that the future of this country is bleak.

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