Iceberg Slim

By Funmilola Olukomaiya

US-based Nigerian rapper, Olusegun Olowokere, popularly known as Iceberg Slim, has taken to social media to celebrate two years of his alcohol abstinence.

The rapper who took to the gram to appreciate himself said the journey was not planned, but started just as a personal challenge.

He wrote: “Two years ago, I decided to stop drinking alcohol. Many people asked questions, while many had assumptions as to “Why?”. The truth is, I woke up one day and decided to challenge myself. I said to myself “Self”, and I replied “Yes?”, how long do you think you can go without drinking alcohol?!

“It’s one of those challenges like when you try to get to the microwave at 00:01 right before the BEEP, or like when you’re throwing a piece of paper in the trash from across the room, and you do the countdown like you’re in the NBA Finals.

“There are no rewards for these self-imposed challenges, just the self-gratification of “Ahhh, I did it”.

“I first challenged myself to a month of no alcohol, and once I reached that milestone, I then said 3 months, then 6, then a year, and now it’s been 2 years. Thinking if I should commemorate this milestone with a drink🤷🏾‍♂️😩😂”


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