How Umahi’s move to APC started 2 years ago – Femi Adesina

Umahi and Femi Adesina
Umahi and Femi Adesina

Michael Adeshina

Femi Adesina, Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the President Muhammadu Buhari said Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi had always love APC long before he defected to the party from Peoples Democratic Party.

Adesina in a piece on Friday titled, ‘Dave Umahi’s Heart of Lion’, noted that the Ebonyi State governor started revealing his love for the All Progressives Congress two years ago.

He noted that Umahi sent his deputy to attend a meeting for Governors elected on the platform of the APC.

“My first inkling of what was on the way was about two years ago. There was a meeting of Progressive Governors (as those elected on the platform of APC are called), and Gov Umahi had sent his deputy to attend. A PDP man among APC Governors? Something was definitely cooking.

“Now, the deed has been done. Gov Umahi has done what Napoleon couldn’t do. He has officially crossed from the PDP to APC. Only a man with the heart of a lion could do that,” the president’s spokesman wrote.

Adesina also added that Umahi had always love Buhari and never hid it.

“Umahi had always loved and respected President Muhammadu Buhari, and never hid it, though they were of different political parties. And the President reciprocated in like manner. In fact, the first State the President ever visited in the country and passed the night was Ebonyi. Umahi was PDP in the exterior, but APC at heart,” Femi Adesina noted.

Umahi, who defected last month from the PDP to the APC, said he took the decision because the PDP marginalized the South-East zone.

He had also noted that he believed the APC would protect the interest of the South-East zone in the 2023 presidential election.

However, Adesina corroborated Umahi’s claims, saying the South-East must play better politics to get the ultimate office in the country.

The president’s spokesman further wrote, “Umahi has displayed a courage of conviction. He said the South East has been let down by the PDP in the last 21 years, so it was time to switch camp. It takes the heart of a lion to change course in such a setting. Some people said it was because he wanted to run for President in 2023. And why not? The party has not come out with its zoning formula, but in a democracy, anyone can aspire for any position, as long as he can muster the needed support and momentum for victory.

“I’ve always said it. The South-East must play better politics to get the ultimate office in the country. Sleeping and facing the same direction may not be the best option. The Orji Kalus, Hope Uzodimmas, Chris Ngiges, Dave Umahis, and many others, are now shining the light, so that their people can find the way. And so let it be.”


  1. This piece doesn’t show Umahi as a man of integrity. He was still in PDP but attending APC meeting. Is this the type of man we should trust? Even the APC members will place him under watch because nothing stops him from doing the same thing to APC. The other governor yet to do thesame thing is Ayade. An APC members in PDP.

  2. So all this while this treacherous Umahi has been an agent of the North . OHANEZE NDIGBO should please isolate this man. NDIGBO should keep away from this man. If possible stoned by Igbo youths. He hates speaking against our enemies. No wonder he publicly accused IPOB of trying to cause war when the Igbo leaders were hosted by the evil man of Rivers state the wicked NWIKE. Umahi didn’t show sympathy for the hundreds of Igbos murdered by NWIKE and his Fulani soldiers. Coming back to Ebonyi after decamping to APC he started cooking up allegations against respected Igbo leaders and IPOB in Ebonyi state. Begging the federal government to send soldiers to Ebonyi to kill NDIGBO. Umahi or Umar your days are numbered. You have fetched ants infested firewoods.

  3. TRAITOR, TRAITOR TRAITOR. It is a shame that Nigerian politicians has no principle in the person of Dav Umahi. Politicians join political parties in Nigeria not because of love of masses, but selfishness to get rich To make matter worst, the so called Femi Adesina did not see anything wrong in a man being in one party and sending his Deputy to attend meetings of another party’s governors. What a disgrace to both Femi Adesina. It shows the type of advise he gives to President Buhari in ruling the country. That’s why the President is bling to every thing going wrong in Nigeria. Because he was surrounded by people without conscience. For Gov Umahi ???. Time will tell because APC won’t trust him. And his people of Ebonyi state will desert him.

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