Hans Seebaluck

The life of young adults from Africa and Asia can often be a continued expression of their parents’ and family’s wishes.

For Hans Seebaluck, it is something that he knows well about. “I was born in Mauritius, a tiny island off the coast of South Africa, just east of Madagascar,” he says.

“My parents immigrated to Canada where I spent 5 years of my life before moving to the United States. I have tri-citizenship in all 3 countries.”

Coming from an Indian background, academics and schooling were a priority for Hans’ family. “I was brought up to excel in school,” he says. “ I then graduated with a 4.5 GPA & a 2020 on my SAT. My entire life was predicated on me becoming a doctor. When I got to college I realized how much I didn’t want to do that, I decided to follow and pursue my passion which was sales, consulting, & marketing.”

His incursion into that market resulted into a partnership with two of his best friends. The friends jointly set up Valor Media, a social media attention marketing company that helps entrepreneurs, entertainers, and industry experts optimize their social media footprint. Five years after the establishment of Valor Media, they have become the premier option for social media marketing in the United States and beyond.

“I have done over $1,000,000 dollars in lifetime sales under my belt,” Hans admits in conversation. “I’ve helped build multiple companies from zero to 6 & 7 figures, and my biggest passion in business is over delivering to my clientele. If there is a client of mine that is unhappy, then I’m not doing my job.”

Concluding, Hans says that he has utmost faith in risk-taking, it is a belief that has underpinned his transition from prospective doctor to social media strategist and looks set to take him further in life.