Danielle Holmes

The new world has presented us with new opportunities and realities. With technology, the way of doing things has completely changed; both in our social lives and business.

Owning a business has become less cumbersome and less complicated with the advent of social media. With the Internet fortune has come the way of so many who know how to push the button. One of those is American Danielle Holmes, the Founder of Black Digital Blueprint, a platform that teaches how to grow sales using Facebook/Instagram advertisements.

Danielle Holmes, who has had fortune smiled upon her was down on her luck. She was actually in her darkest moment before sunshine descended on her life. She was almost dead broke and running the risk of being thrown into the street because her rent was hanging in the balance.

“I started entrepreneurship in 2013 by getting started with an MLM company that eventually went down in Feb 2015. That’s where my first taste of selling online came from. When the company went down, I had no other income. For months, I was in limbo not knowing what to do. By June I was down to my last $650.

“I chose to start an online business instead of pay my rent (also $650). The first 2 years were tough until I learned how to run ads on Facebook and Instagram. In the third year that store made me a millionaire. Making my first million in 9 months. I went on to make 2 more online stores since then, I decided to teach ads, the skill that changed my life so dramatically. I knew others needed this information. My course was released June 2020,” she recalled in a recent interview.

According to her, sharing what she knows with others to discover financial independence became a burning desire, passion and ultimately a new vista in her business development. In helping others more fortune found her.

“I got the idea from wanting others to feel the feeling of being financially free and independent. Everyday I’m grateful, thankful and happy. Every single day. And to know that I could help others be free, financially, made me want to put a course together to really change peoples lives and give them the information I had that changed mine,” she narrated.

This big idea birthed her company, Black Digital Blueprint in 2019. She began accepting students in June 2020. She said she founded the company on the core values of integrity, ethic, honesty, transparency, trustworthiness, and accountability.

“My mission is to provide tools to the beginner or advanced entrepreneur that will assist in growing their business. I aim to inspire simple and complex thought processes in the way that they approach and navigate the marketing world as it relates to e-commerce and their businesses. My vision is to build a fundamental and advance course that can significantly increase the sales of the everyday entrepreneur,” she added.

Danielle Holmes (30) is from Pennsylvania in the United States of America. She graduated High School, finished CNA school. She attended LPN school and RN school.

She dropped out of RN school twice and failed out the third time in her first semester. Not that she wasn’t smart enough, as she said, but the third time she went, she had her business. So, instead of being in class focusing on the work she would be in the back, building email marketing campaigns, editing her website etc.

She would record the lectures and made plans to listen to it when she had time but never got around to doing that. When it was time to take the test she hardly ever knew what the answers were. By the time she took her final she failed. But her gain is that she learned how to run ads a month later.

She was raised by a single mom, no child support, no support from grandparents, aunts or uncles. It was just her mom and 3 older sisters. She was the youngest.