Chief Harry Akande: lone covid-19 death in Lagos

Another Nigerian, Harry Akande died of COVID-19 on Saturday in Lagos, as the capital Abuja reported the highest daily confirmed cases.

Abuja’s lead was its second since 1 December.

The NCDC normally does not identify the dead, but the announcement coincided with the death of billionaire businessman Chief Harry Akande.

He died of COVID-19 complications at 77 in Lagos.

Lagos on Friday had a death toll of 226. It moved on Saturday to 227, by the lone death of Akande.

In the new data released by the NCDC on Saturday night, out of the 310 new cases, Abuja recorded 128.

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On December 2, it also led with 123 cases.

It means that the capital has recorded 425 cases since the beginning of the month.

Lagos that still leads in overall infections by miles, logged 86 cases on Saturday, to take its total count to 459 in five days and 23,746 overall.

According to the NCDC data, total infections have now grown to 68,937.

Kaduna which has been the third most hit state by the virus, logged another 26, the third highest on Saturday.

Here is a breakdown of the new cases


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68,937 confirmed
64,650 discharged
1,180 deaths