In this modern-day and age, you can already leverage the use of technology, even in finding a partner. In this case, you can consider dating apps or apps para ligar in Spanish to meet new men that you can get to know more. You will never know if that acquaintance of yours will end up to be your lifetime partner if you don’t try to get back in the dating scene in the first place. This is a modern and simple solution you can apply right now.

Several studies show that the best time for a woman to bear a child is between the ages of 25 and 30. This age range is ideal because it can render the best outcomes in terms of the health of both you and your baby. However, many women now still find themselves childless as they enter their mid or late thirties. If you are one of these women, you can still bear a child, but the question is how you will do it if you are single. Read on because below are some of the things you can do to address your dilemma.


Find a partner

Aside from dating apps, you can also try to find a partner by going on blind dates or even speed dating. Don’t be wary and stress yourself too much by trying to impress your date. Instead, just be yourself and enjoy the time with your date, hoping that you eventually hit it off. Conversely, you and your single girlfriends can explore how fun speed dating can be. All these are geared towards opening up yourself to a man who can be your lifelong partner in the end or even just the father of your child, at the very least. In this way, you can have a baby the natural way.

Donor Insemination

Another way for you to have a baby even if you are single is by donor insemination. In this case, the first thing that you need to look for is a reputable physician or a fertility clinic. They will be the ones who will oversee the overall donor insemination process and cycle. From there, they will evaluate your health and fertility by requiring you to undergo some tests, even if you deem that there is generally nothing wrong with you. You may even be asked to undergo psychological or even legal counseling.

Sperm Donor

The next thing that you need to do is to find a sperm donor. In this case, you have many options, such as in the fertility clinic that you approached, sperm banks, as well as your network connections. Your sperm donor can remain completely anonymous or get in touch with you in the future if you want to, depending on your arrangement with the clinic or the sperm bank. On the other hand, you need to be aware that there are several legal and psychological intricacies when your sperm donor is someone that you know.

Donor Insemination Process

The process of donor insemination varies, and each type poses its benefits and drawbacks. You have the option of going for intra-cervical (ICI) or intra-vaginal insemination (IVI), intrauterine insemination (IUI), as well as IVF with donor sperm. IUI is the most common method of donor insemination because its success rate is a little bit higher than the other two methods. On the other hand, IVF is often done for women with fertility challenges.

Success Rate

The success rate of donor insemination typically depends on a variety of factors, namely your age, your underlying fertility issues, the use of fertility drugs, as well as your lifestyle habits. The health of the sperm donor can also affect the success rate of the process, but if you go for a sperm donor from the fertility clinic or a sperm bank, this will be the least of your worries because the donors are carefully screened before their sperm is accepted. Just be prepared to shell out a couple of thousand dollars for this procedure, but as you are holding your baby in the end, you will deem that the money you shell out is all worth it.

Egg Freezing

Another way for you to have a baby even if you are single is to have your eggs frozen. The medical term for egg freezing is mature oocyte cryopreservation. In this case, your eggs are harvested from your ovaries, frozen, and stored. Thus, this procedure will allow you to have a baby in the future when you are more prepared and ready, rather than immediately.


Like with donor insemination, you also have to look for a fertility clinic if you want to have your eggs frozen. But before a reproductive endocrinologist can go and harvest your eggs, you need to undergo a couple of tests that include ovarian testing, as well as infectious disease screening. The former will determine the quality and quantity of your eggs, while the latter will ensure that you are free from any infectious diseases.


You need to undergo three major steps once you pass all the screening tests that need to be done. The first step is the ovarian stimulation, wherein you will be asked to take synthetic hormones or medications to stimulate your ovaries into producing multiple eggs. You may also be asked to take medications to prevent premature ovulation.

As soon as you are ready, the next process is the egg retrieval proper which is typically done in the clinic. You may feel some cramps after, but this is but normal. Shortly after your eggs are harvested, they will be cooled and preserved.


Final Word

There are several ways for you to have a baby still, even if you are single and in your mid-thirties. The means mentioned above are only some of them. Rest assured that if having a partner or a child is what the universe has intended for you, then it will happen no matter what your current circumstance is. Otherwise, express gratitude in your single-blessedness because you get to enjoy the peace and freedom that other women your age can only dream of.