Zabarmari massacre committed by Boko Haram

The United Nations has recanted an earlier claim that 110 farmers were killed by Boko Haram terrorists in Zabarmari community, Borno State.

Earlier reports said 43 rice farmers were killed in the gruesome attack.

But in a statement, the head of the UN Humanitarian Office in Nigeria, Edward Kallon, said at least 110 farmers were killed in the attack.

In a statement on Monday, the UN said its death toll estimate was inaccurate.

The UN’s head, public information, said the earlier numbers quoted by Mr Kallon were not correctly sourced.

In an email circulated to reporters, Ms Eve Sabbagh, asked journalists to disregard the earlier statement.

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“Please note the number of 110 civilians killed on Saturday’s attack is an unconfirmed number and the correct version of the statement by the Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator is the one published yesterday on Reliefweb and used on OCHA Nigeria’s Twitter account”.

Read the new statement by Kallon: