My meekness not weakness, I have enormous power: Umahi warns PDP

Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi

By Chukwuemeka Opara

Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi has warned members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, troubling him to know that his meekness is not a sign of weakness as he has enormous power to act as a governor.

He also reiterated that he did not defect to the All Progressives Congress (APC) to contest for presidency in 2023.

Umahi spoke on on Sunday during the first APC stakeholders meeting he was superintending over since his defection to the party.

According to him, who “dash monkey Banana; I did not negotiate with the presidency or anyone to contest the position under the APC.

“My next line of action after my governorship is in God’s hands and there is nothing God cannot do.

“Anyone wishing to contest for the presidency or governorship of the state should meditate and pray that God should not send him if God’s spirit is not with such person.

“This is because it is going to be very tough and we are really in the end time,” he said.

He remarked that the leadership of the state would never come from outside its shores, stating that his meekness should not be mistaken for weakness.

“We will not allow the PDP to die in the state but still assist its executives to survive.

“I am still the father of the state and those fighting me for joining the APC should not cross the line.

“I will never confront a sitting governor but try being his friend because the powers of government are enormous,” he said.

Umahi announced the nomination of the immediate past APC state Chairman, Mr Nwachukwu Eze as a commissioner in conformity with the agreement reached before the dissolution of the party’s erstwhile state executive committee.

“We should set up committees at the wards and Local Government Areas to aggressively pursue our membership registration process and the disbursement of palliatives to our people in December,” he said.

Chief Mike Okoro, an industrialist and APC Stalwart in the state commended the governor for implementing an all-inclusive policy since joining the party and urged him not to derail in that regard.


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  • Mr. David Umahi, endeavor to watch your words, Igbos extended an olive branch to you but you have fooled yourself.
    Are you an Igbo man?
    After May 29, 2023 we shall know who is who in Ebony state.
    If 2023 Presidency is zoned to the South East, Igbos will not allow NON IGBO man to flag Igbos flag, whether you move to APC or remain in PDP you can never stand for IGBOS as their Presidential candidate because you can never get what you do not have,

    Satan has a limited time likewise,

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  • You will never know peace in your entire life for towing the line of NWIKE of Rivers state by trying to frame up the IPOB to induce the invasion of Ebonyi state by the Fulani army of Nigeria. You are treacherous . A traitor whose end will excite NDIGBO.

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