As one of its on-going interventions, The Ladima Foundation has hosted a series of Women of Influence panels over the past few years.

With Covid-19 disruptions to physical events in 2020, The Ladima Foundation has decided to host a “virtual” Women of Influence Panel as a way to make the discussion as accessible as possible to audiences across the continent.

The Women of Influence Panel on December 10th 2020 at 17H00 WAT (GMT +1) will focus on an issue that often gets raised by both aspiring and professional filmmakers alike, particularly those already disadvantaged or facing exclusion, such as women, the topic of gatekeeping and lack of access and inclusion.

Gatekeeping and gatekeepers refer to a process where through actual obstructions to access, or the perception of obstruction to access, certain groups or individuals, are excluded from accessing opportunities.

Gatekeeping often takes place at an institutional level where large organisations, from film festivals and events to funders, donors or broadcasters do not welcome (or seem not to welcome) new entrants or participants.

The panel will address the importance of recognizing both the actual and perceived barriers to entry, and the even more important need to address and redress these obstacles.

The panel will speak to those who may inadvertently be acting as gatekeepers, and also to those who may have faced gatekeepers in their professional journeys.

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