US President Donald Trump: blames FBI, DoJ of rigging for Biden

Donald Trump has shifted the blame for his massive electoral loss to the FBI and Department of Justice, accusing the two of conspiring to ‘rig’ the election for Joe Biden.

In previous statements, he had blamed big tech, the media, Pfizer and Big Pharma, for conspiring against him.

‘This is total fraud and how – the FBI and Department of Justice, I don’t know, maybe they’re involved – but how people are allowed to get away from this with this stuff is unbelievable,’ Trump told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo in his first interview since Election Day.

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‘This election was rigged,’ he told the ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ host.

Trump went off on the election results in the more than 45-minute interview where most of his answers spanned several minutes and repeated claims he has already made over the past weeks on Twitter.

The president claimed without any evidence during the interview that even ‘most Democrats’ believe ‘election fraud’ led to Biden’s win.

The president also told Bartiromo there’s ‘no way’ Biden earned more votes than Barack Obama in his two presidential elections.

He also said the U.S. will never have another Republican president, senator or representative elected if they allow Democrats to get away with ‘stealing’ the election for Biden.

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Trump suggested that Democrats now know how to ‘cheat’ the system effectively and will have their candidates win from now on.

‘If Republicans allow it to happen, you’ll never have another Republican elected in the history of this country, at a Senate level or at a presidential level… or at a House level,’ Trump said, referencing the GOP accepting the election results.

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