Toke Makinwa

CEO TM LUXURY, baby girl for life, brand influencer, radio girl and media personality Toke Makinwa takes a stand on submission and control in marriage.

The actor and author of “On Becoming” stated that submission shouldn’t be one way, but that it should be about the couple doing things together, and seeking each other’s opinion on issues.

“There is a ugly myth that when a woman is successful, scratch that, when a woman has a level of confidence and belief in herself, she must be proud or difficult to tolerate, you see it in the work place, in relationships, even in marriages. People have gone on to pass this narrative for so long, I decided to talk about it on the Vlog today, why is there so much fuss about ‘”submission”? I have found out in most cases those people who fight for control over another human being are suffering from their own ego. when there is a partnership that is well respected by both parties, they equally arrive at decisions and the word submission is no longer thrown around so often and even while you want a woman to submit to you, must she always agree with everything you say? If she doesn’t are you open to listening without thinking she is proud? Let’s discuss it.” she said on her latest vlog.

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Makinwa was formerly married to fitness instructor Maje Ayida, but the union has since been dissolved by a court for irreconcilable differences.