From right to left: Barr. PS Egure, Chairman (FORD), Chief JO Obuseh, Alhaji YM Bichi (DGSS) and HD Abbo.

The Forum of DSS’ Retired Directors (FORD) on 26th November 2020, paid a solidarity visit to the DGSS, Alhaji Yusuf Magaji Bichi, FWC. led by the duo of Chief J.O. Obuseh, MNI and Barrister Peter Egure, MNI.

The delegation stated that the visit was to identify with the DG and commend him for his sterling leadership.

The Forum stated that it had taken a keen interest in the affairs of the Service and has remained impressed with the way he had handled issues including staff welfare and national security.

The Forum noted that the morale of staff is at its peak and immensely commended the DG for this noble achievement.

It called on its members and serving personnel to support the DGSS to surmount security challenges confronting the nation. It described him as a man with robust experience and a core professional whose humility and dedication to duty is public knowledge.

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The DG was therefore advised never to be distracted by mischief makers whose stock in trade is to undermine the integrity of the Service and its Management Team.

He was also urged to remain focused, determined and selfless in his commitment in moving the DSS forward. The visiting FORD members pledged their loyalty and support to the DG and the Nation.

In his response, the DG thanked them for the visit and stated that the solidarity has renewed him for greater service to the country and the Service.

He noted that, in line with the mandate of the Service, his leadership will continue to ensure that threats and crimes against the internal security of Nigeria are eliminated or contained so that law-abiding citizens can pursue their legitimate businesses.

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He noted that security management should be the concern of all and sundry and that it is in this regard that he had adopted stakeholder collaboration as a model.

He assured the Forum of his Management’s dedication to its welfare. Also, he disclosed commitment to the welfare of serving members whose wellbeing has always been his priority.

The DGSS said “I am here today to serve. I will remain professional in the discharge of my responsibility and ensure that everyone is treated without bias. I will ensure the Service accomplishes its mandate of detection and prevention of crime against the internal security of Nigeria.

“I call on all, retired and serving, to be dedicated to taking the Service to greater heights. We are aware of the challenges ahead but only a unity of purpose will help us overcome them.

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“It is only if and when we collaborate that we can move the Service and the nation forward. All hands must be on deck for us to defeat the plans of lawbreakers. I thank you for coming”.

The group departed and promised to not only keep in touch but use its platform to advance peace and unity in the country.