Austin Rutherford

As an agent, investor, and educator, Austin Rutherford helps others sell, buy, and invest in properties. From a young age, he began trying his hand at any business idea he could come up with.

After mowing grass, shoveling snow, and even making and selling jewelry for extra cash, he made enough money to invest in his first property at the age of 20.

He says, “When I was 18, I read that 90% of all people who file a tax return with $1 million on it had real estate in their portfolio and I thought ‘Well, that is the way I’m going to get rich then.’”

Soon after, Austin obtained his real estate license but quickly realized he wasn’t fulfilled in this role. Thus, his passion for flipping houses was born.

He notes, “I paid a mentor to teach me the flipping game when I was 20. Then finally, 16 months after paying my mentor, grinding every day, working 60 plus hours valeting, and taking 15 credit hours in college, I flipped my first house the week after I turned 22 years old and made $107,000 net profit.”

He continues, “I flipped my next house about four months later and made $40,000 and then quit my job, dropped out of college, and went full time in real estate. Over the last five and half years, I’ve moved about 200 properties.”

Today, Austin is passionate about teaching others how to build their real estate businesses just as he did. Having seen the value of such an investment in his own life, he wants to return the favor, passing down the lessons he’s learned throughout his career. Through his real estate education company, Elevate, he’s doing just that.

Austin’s greatest piece of advice, he says “Take the leap. Most never even start because they let fear stop them from ever taking that first step.”

He continues, “We all have dreams and goals, but the ones that succeed are ones that acted on those goals. Most people will ask ‘What if you fail?’ or ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’ or ‘What if you lose it all?’. I like to twist that and tell people to ask themselves, ‘What if it turned out better than you could ever imagine?’”

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