Phlex and Charass’ “Confirm” to get befitting visuals

Adeniyi Ariyo

Towards the release of Undaunted, the 7-track EP by Adeniyi Ariyo whose artist names is Phlex, the singer had no idea what to expect. Phlex was sure about two things though.He was sure he about compiling a body of work rich in its Africanness and that he was due for his solo career to step up. He had no clue how these desires would be met and, most certainly, he never knew what a gem “Confirm” would turn out to be.

In the third quarter of 2018, Phlex released the EP, featuring one star each from two opposite poles of the continent – Reminisce from the west and Rayvanny from the east. The strategic approach to the collaboration is true to the African vision the singer intended for the album.

However, it is the success of the sixth track of the EP which holds the biggest and most pleasant of the many surprises the album represents.

Confirm stood out as the crowd favourite of the album, gaining wide rotation on the radio and acceptance among the consumers. The song, on which the singer yearns for bliss and blessings from God, is styled as an Afropop record, with diverse input from the talented singer from Eastern Nigeria Charass. The pair combined to deliver a people’s anthem in “Confirm.”

The surprising success of the song continued as with a flood of fan requests for a befitting video two post-release years of the single. The requests moved Phlex to shoot a video for Confirm.

The video was shoot by season videographer Patrick Elis in Lagos and Canada, who agreed to narrate the aspirational story of a young Nigeria dreamer in the video. The video is set for release in December 2020, with fans eagerly anticipating the big reveal.

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