Brandon Heitmann

Located in metro-Detroit, Exigent Landscaping is the company to watch. Brandon Heitmann, Founder and CEO, built Exigent from the ground up, beginning with grass cutting and only one push mower. At the age of 18, Brandon realized that college was not a good fit for him, instead opting to be his own boss, and not depending on others for his well-being.

Today, his goal is to build one of the largest landscaping companies in all of Michigan, and then in all of the U.S., and Brandon is well on his way.

After a few years in business, Brandon began to learn the hardscaping side of the industry and realized that his true passion was making these designs come to life. Nine years later, there is no exterior project that the Exigent team cannot accomplish!

Exigent offers 3D designs and can construct anything, from a simple retaining wall to in-ground pools and spas. Having scaled the business to over 20 employees, Brandon is extremely passionate about this team and loves making the people who work for him feel like family.

With this camaraderie, Exigent grew their revenue 700% in one single year, bringing in $2,100,000 in 2019. Coming off of their greatest year to date, Brandon has taken his experience and knowledge and created a virtual coaching program to help other contractors grow their businesses too. He meets with dozens of fellow business owners on a weekly basis, teaching them his methods for scaling his business, with the goal of helping 200 contractors become millionaires.

His advice for mentees? “Do not wait a second to go for it. There is no better time than now.” Reflecting on the early days of his business, Brandon says that his biggest challenge was thinking too small and restricting himself from achieving what he knew he was capable of. For this reason, he encourages those in the program to start thinking big, and refuse to set limits on the success you can achieve.

He continues, “It’s hard to leave the comforts of a 9-5 job to start in the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship, but with drive and determination, anything is possible.”