Jarrod Glandt

As a 21-year-old, Jarrod Glandt’s income was touching $150,000, and he was living the fast life in California. His job in the print-selling and online advertisements industry presented a career path that led to him becoming the number two sales representative in the country. But with this career growths came an increase in the regularity of his partying. Partying three to four times weekly eventually had an adverse effect of his career that led to him leaving his job after suffering burnout and discouragement.

To revitalise himself, he returned to Texas to work at his father’s firm, but the work was not satisfying and he continued to be disillusioned until he watched some videos of Grant Cardone. Instantly fired by by Mr. Cardone’s words, he knew he needed to make something of his life.

“I knew that I had to evangelize Grant’s message to be sure that young folks coming up trying to make money didn’t have to suffer through the same frustrations and uncertainties that I had to,” Jarrod says. He eventually moved back to California to start over again in Mr. Cardone’s company, but starting over was not easy.

Jarrod Glandt

After waiting on a meeting with Mr. Cardone for weeks to no avail, he finally got audience but was only offered a a receptionist/extra-hand’s position in the firm. From the first day, Jarrod was determined not to repeat the mistake of his earlier opportunities and worked tirelessly at achieving some success. “Once I got a clearer picture on what I wanted out of life, how I was going to get it eventually revealed itself to me,” Glandt recounts.

These days, he is the President of Running Sales, Strategy, and Growth at the Grant Cardone enterprises and is quick to offer advice about navigating a path for people looking to follow his path: “Have goals, invest the correct amount of time, put together a daily activity plan based on data/conversions to keep you on track, build a strong team, and lastly, be willing to fail and nimble enough to adapt,” he says.