Sheri Hamilton

By Taiwo Okanlawon

From serving as Vice President and Southeast Regional Operations Manager for JP Morgan Chase for over nine years, to creating a new mortgage operation center for Option One Mortgage Company, to working as the right-hand woman to the studio head of a major motion picture studio, Sheri has taken that appreciation and cultivated it into a thriving career.

“My father owned his own business so I have always had an appreciation for what it actually takes to operate a successful venture,” Sheri Hamilton says of the start of her career.

After nearly 30 years gaining operational experience in the corporate world, Sheri now works for Grant Cardone as Chief Operations Officer for his Enterprise of companies.

She explains, “I was a friend of Grant’s twin brother, Gary, who introduced me to Grant just as he was taking his virtual online university live. After a couple of years of Grant tracking me to help manage his operation, he made me an offer I could not refuse and I have been helping Grant take his 10X brand and technology to the world ever since.”

Inspired by Grant’s passion to help people, Sheri stepped into her current role for Cardone Training Technologies, Inc, Cardone Capital, Cardone Real Estate Acquisitions, and Cardone Enterprises, Inc. in 2011.

Since then, the organization has grown from only four properties and a staff of eight to a portfolio of 8,275 units worth over $2 billion. With a staff of over 140 employees, a digital TV network, an ad agency, a world-class online sales training university, and a bar-setting conference for entrepreneurs, 10XGrowthCon, Sheri and her team have reached thousands of business owners.

She says, “We do what others refuse to do and our technology actually works. We get success stories from people using Grant’s principles in his books and universities every day. We actually have a usable technology that works for those that apply it and that is so gratifying.”

For Sheri, these success stories confirm that the hard work she puts in behind the scenes is worth it. In fact, she suggests that aspiring entrepreneurs seek out consumer feedback well before their first day of business.

“Find out if your idea is actually appealing to your target consumer before you go all in,” she says.

“There is an easy way to survey on social media, if that’s where your consumer is. If there is an interest, you need to go for it. And don’t skimp on promotion and marketing. That is the prime difference between success and failure.”

Success is not a concept unfamiliar to Sheri. After selling out the Marlins Stadium for 10XGrowthCon in early 2019, she has no plans of stopping anytime soon. In the near future, Cardone Enterprises will be launching a new 10X Challenge, Inner Circle Groups, and 10X Income Systems.

Additionally, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheri has worked hard, getting creative to ensure that 10XGrowth’s fifth conference can still happen live in Las Vegas, February 19-21st of 2021.

She says, “Many define success differently. I think it is achieving goals and targets and beating the odds along the way. That brings a sense of accomplishment.”