By Jennifer Okundia

Nigerian born United Kingdom based Afro-Pop singer, Daayuur, has raised his voice in support of the Nigerian youths, saying it is high time the Nigeria government made youths of the country a top priority.

Judging from the wreck made by a section of the youths who hijacked the infamous EndSARS protest, Daayuur said it’s an indication that government need to rise up from its slumber and give the youths a life that will enable them realize their potentials and in return bring glory to the country.

He said the fact that some youths could go out of their ways to make so much destruction around the country as against the protest that was being conducted peacefully means there are lots of young people out there who have long been left unattended to.

He further said an average Nigerian youth has trait of hard work but that such traits are channeled wrongly when there are no platforms through which they put it into use.

“I want to appeal to the government to be sensitive and admit it’s time the youths are made a priority. I think all that happened during the protest should be a lesson to be learnt from. An average Nigerian youth is hardworking and talented but when there are no platforms, they can only channel it wrongly.

“The government should please wake up and let Nigerian youths live up to expectation as glory of the nation. We are talented in many ways, talk about sports, entertainment even academics, Nigerian youths are up to the task, all that is lacking is support,” he explained.

Daayuur, originally christened Dapo Aiyegbusi, has established himself in the music industry as one singer who has a lot of prospect even as he’s been keeping the flag flying in far away United Kingdom where he resides.  ‘She Carry’ crooner, Daayur is distinguished among other artistes that dominate the northern part of England. Some of his widely listened to tracks are “GBE E L’OLE,” “OBI” and “African Woman”.