Remco Steenbergen

Lufthansa has appointed Remco Steenbergen as its new chief financial officer, with a start date of Jan. 1, a statement from the German airline said on Wednesday.

Steenbergen, a 52-year-old Dutch national, currently serves as the chief financial officer for Barry Callebaut Group, a Swiss company that manufactures chocolate and cocoa products.

Lufthansa is hiring Steenbergen in the wake of two resignations from that post in 2020, and in the midst of turbulence for the company created by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Especially now, when the pandemic is having such serious consequences for air travel, an internationally experienced and well-respected CFO is more important than ever for Lufthansa Group,’’ Lufthansa supervisory board chairman Karl-Ludwig Kley said.

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Former Lufthansa chief financial officer Ulrik Svensson quit in April citing health reasons.

Thorsten Dirks then took on key elements of the role but also resigned months later following Lufthansa’s multi-billion-euro state bailout.

Chief executive Carsten Spohr has taken on the responsibilities of CFO in the interim.