Emiliano Guerrero On The Importance Of Valuing Clients

Emiliano Guerrero

For San Francisco-based eCommerce start-up co-founder, Emiliano Guerrero, valuing the client is everything. “The most important part of our moat, as Warren Buffett refers to it, is the way we value our clients and our employees,” he says. “Without the both of them, there is no company.”

Beginning his career at the age of 17, Emiliano began by creating niche Instagram accounts, implementing strategies to increase following and engagement, and then flipping the accounts for a profit. He explains, “I did it slowly. I started a small business here, a small business there, failed a lot, and learned for over a year.”

Now, at age 20, Emiliano has transferred his skills to the world of eCommerce, specializing in scaling stores on the Amazon marketplace to six figures in revenue, without having to actively see or touch any inventory. His company, Scale Online, provides practical tools for individuals and businesses to do the same. “We offer two services: personalized coaching and consulting, and direct store management,” Emiliano states. “Through our consulting services, we work directly with the individual and companies in starting or scaling their own Amazon based eCommerce store. Through our store management services, we have our back-end team overseas do nearly all the work for our clients, such as product research, order fulfillment, and customer service, making this a hands-off process.”

Throughout his career, Emiliano has placed emphasis on taking care of his clients and employees. However, he admits that having the right mindset has also played an important role in his success. He says, “Mindset is immensely important. Your brain is the key to your output in life. You cannot expect to change the world without first cleaning your room.”

At such a young age, Emiliano has no plans of stopping any time soon. “I like to think of life as a staircase,” he says. “You build something, and you reinvest into climbing the next stair and build something even bigger.”