Rahama Sadau

An Islamic scholar, Lawal Gusau, has called on the Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Adamu, to ensure that Rahama Sadau is swiftly taken to Kaduna to face a Sharia court which would determine her fate.

Gasau in a recent interview with journalists said the northern actress has refused to report to the police station after she was stopped from fleeing to Dubai.

Gusau, on November 3, 2020, wrote a petition to the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, demanding that Sadau be investigated for posting a photo of herself wearing a backless gown.

Gasau stated that the revealing photo attracted blasphemous comments against Prophet Mohammed and was capable of setting the country on fire.

He said after the IG received the petition, an order was given to the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, Umar Muri, to investigate the matter but things did not go smoothly because Sadau was in Abuja.

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Gusau said the Kaduna CP sent his men to Abuja to pick her up but she went into hiding and quickly obtained a UAE visa with members of her family in order to flee the country.

He added that when the police got a wind of the situation, they began monitoring her calls and were able to arrest her brother.

He said it was her brother who subsequently led the policemen to Sadau.

Gusau stated that while the policemen were attempting to arrest her, an unidentified Commissioner of Police asked the cops to stand down and promised that Sadau would report to Kaduna the next day.

The Islamic scholar, however, said rather than report herself to the Kaduna State police command, the actress again went into hiding.

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Gusau said, “I am not happy with the way the police are handling the matter. Rahama Sadau was trying to escape and had obtained UAE visas for herself and her family but the police were able to track her phone and arrest her brother who led the policemen to her.

“The policemen from Kaduna State were about to arrest her and take her to the SCID when a phone call from one CP came in and the policemen were asked to leave her alone and that she would report to Kaduna by herself.

“What gave that CP the power to overrule the IG? Now, Rahama has refused to turn herself in. She is being protected by that CP and some people from the Presidential Villa. This is most unfortunate.”

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Gasau also stated Sadau’s apology was not a sincere one, adding that she was only shedding crocodile tears for the camera.

He admitted that Sadau did not make any blasphemous comment against the holy Prophet of Islam but she was the one who caused non-Muslims to insult the Prophet during a debate over the picture.

Gasau then called on the IG to act fast and ensure justice is served.