What Biden and Trump need to do to win US Presidency

Trump and Biden
Trump and Biden

By Kazeem Ugbodaga with Agency Report

The hot contest between President Donald Trump and his challenger, Joe Biden is getting more exciting as the latter maintains narrow lead in the election.

In US, winning the Electoral College decides who becomes US president. So far, Biden is leading with 238 votes to Trump’s 213 electoral votes.

A presidential candidate needs to secure 270 electoral college votes to emerge US president.

How can Biden get the remaining 32 electoral votes to become president of the US and overthrow garrulous Trump who has already declared self winner of the poll when votes are still being counted?

According to the Guardian, Biden had many paths to find his remaining 32 electoral votes. His most likely path lay through the Great Lakes states, where Pennsylvania and Michigan combined would net 36 votes.

Without Pennsylvania, Biden could win by winning Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada, where he held a clear but narrow lead. A Biden victory in either of the two reddest states in the mix – Georgia or North Carolina – would almost certainly foretell wins elsewhere and a Biden victory.

For Trump to emerge winner and be re-elected, this is what he needs to do.

The simplest way for Trump to find the 54 electoral votes he needs would be to win Pennsylvania and at least three other states. If he does not win Pennsylvania, Trump must make a clean sweep of all five remaining states to get to 270.

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