Landlord threatens to eject Nigerian Embassy in Hungary

Geoffrey Onyeama
Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama
Geoffrey Onyeama
Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama

The Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, has said the Nigerian Embassy in Hungary might be ejected from the property they operate from.

Onyeama who revealed that the landlord of the property where the Nigerian Embassy in Hungary is located is threatening to evict them made this disclosure while defending the ministry’s 2021 budget at the House of Representatives in Abuja on Tuesday.

NAN reports that the Minister also claimed the ministry needs N1.6billion to move ambassadors and pay officers N3.7billion.

“Just on Monday, the Ambassador in Hungary called to say they are going to throw them out from the chancery building. That the landlord is coming and that they do not have the money to pay.

“And we get that from a lot of missions across the world and that is not a sustainable way of running foreign service.

“Then this exchange rate differential with the CBN is really something we need to address once and for all.

“It is not so easy, all of these things are computed in naira and all the payments abroad are in dollars and once the exchange rate is changed, it never goes the other way, it always goes up, it never comes down vis-a-vis the dollar. This means immediate shortfall for all our missions,” he said.


  1. Must we have embassy in all countries? As rich as Canada is and as strategic as Switzerland is, Canada does not have an embassy in Switzerland.

    All consular activities take place at the Canadian embassy in France . We are a poor country still, we want to have embassy and High commission in every country even when the country is of no interest to Nigeria.

    This is just to create jobs for the hawks and milk Nigerians.

    The embassy we have in other countries are doing nothing. Since Buhari stopped the $20 they christened administrative cost at Nigeria embassies in the west, The staffers are now very aggressive provoked or not.

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