US election : Trump stunned by support from Nigeria (Video)

Nigerians rooting for Trump
Nigerians rooting for Trump

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

A parade in Nigeria for US President, Donald Trump is making his head swell that he may win today’s presidential poll.

Trump is slugging it out with Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

Trump posted a video of Nigerians in large number in Onitsha, Anambra state in a street parade rooting for his re-election.

Hundreds of  Nigerians were seen in the video armed with placards, drumming support for Trump.

Trump simply said: “A parade for me in Nigeria, a great honor!”

Nigerian Christians seem to be at home with Trump, despite his brashness and his labeling Nigeria a shithole.

Nigerian Christians believe that despite Trump’s rashness, God is using him to abolish homosexuality , lesbianism and abortion in the US, which the Barack Obama’s administration promoted widely.

But Trump has been so harsh on Nigerians all through his four years.

Nigeria is among the countries Trump recently imposed visa restrictions.


    • If your government is killing you , why can’t you fight back. There are many ways to make your government useless. Power is not always in the barrel of the gun.

  1. A parade for you on your way to prison after leaving the White House in January. These uninformed clowns forgot what Trump called them, SHITHOLES. I tell you what, Nigeria is doomed.

    • You have already made your point ” uninformed people “. Even a dog knows when to choose between a good aroma from the food being given to it and the weep that is being held high up waiting for it. The support they are giving Trump is embarrassing but look the other way because they are ignorant.

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