Amaechi, El-Rufai presidential campaign posters spotted in Abuja

As the 2023 general elections fast approach, presidential campaign posters of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation and Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai have surfaced in Abuja.

The details on the posters show that Rotimi Amaechi and Nasir el-Rufai are vying for the position of President and Vice-President respectively.

One of the posters titled “the People’s choice” while another had the message “Today may not be the best, but tomorrow will be better”.

Authority Newspaper reports that the said posters were sponsored by the National Consolidation Movement but none bears the logo of any political party.

Speaking with a cross-section of Nigerians on the emergence of the posters, Authority Newspaper gathered that Nigerians were wowed by the messages on the posters as they tactically attempted to isolate both men on the posters from the alleged failures of the Buhari government.

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Speaking, Dr. Doyin Anifowose, a political scientist said he wondered why top members of the ruling party would still be talking about a better tomorrow if today is not the best it can be.

Amaechi, El-Rufai presidential campaign posters spotted in Abuja

Anifowose said that this type of move is typical of high-end campaign strategy where a campaign research group could test the acceptability of the candidates especially with the current mood of the nation.

He said, “The country is in a low mood now with the events following the EndSARS protests and the massive nationwide looting of palliative warehouses. The prices of goods and in particular food items have skyrocketed in the markets hence a campaign organization can truly check the acceptability of their principal. This is the best mood to know what the people truly feel about any aspirant and that the logo of their political party not being on it is to present it as judge me not by my Party.”

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“Not using the political party logo in a campaign test such as this could also help a campaign research group know if the aspirant is popular enough to even leave the party and contest the election on another political party platform as I believe their field officers would be on the streets sampling opinions of the people and on issues concerning the aspirant,” he added.

Some staff of the APC National Secretariat refused to speak on record but a few who decided to say something spoke off-camera.

They believe creating awareness on the posters at this time for whatever political purpose was clearly an act of desperation, a violation of the nation’s electoral laws and capable of distracting President Muhammadu Buhari from tackling the challenges facing the country.

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The posters at this time are capable of igniting more political tension at a time the government is struggling to calm tension and solve pressing needs.