Dr Zainab Skinkafi-Bagudu

Michael Adeshina

The wife of Kebbi state governor, Zainab Bagudu, on Sunday, reacted to the allegations that her husband, Atiku Bagudu, appointed family relatives as commissioners.

The allegation was raised after Zainab shared photos of the state Commissioners who are in their 30s and 40s to mark Nigeria’s maiden National Youth Day on November 1.

Zainab also shared the photo to drive home her point her husband’s administration is ”involving young people in matters of national building.”

”In Kebbi state, Governor Atiku Bagudu has 5 commissioners in the 30-40s age bracket. The greater Nigeria we desire can only become a reality if we give our youths more opportunities to build today. Happy #NationalYouthDay, Zainab wrote on Twitter.

However, A Twitter user took to the comment section and alleged that the Commissioners must be family members of Mrs. Bagudu and her husband.

”Family relatives as commissioners.”

However, Zainab Bagudu responded to the comment by stating that the author should appoint his enemies when he gets to power.

‘Yes. In fact my mother and all their fathers are same mother same father. “When you get there, appoint your enemies,” Zainab responded.