Nigeria transmits record power, says TCN

By Constance Imasuen/Abuja

Nigeria’s epileptic power supply attained another all-time national peak of 5,459.50 MW on 28 October, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) said.

Mrs Ndidi Mbah, TCN’s General Manager (Public Affairs), said the power was efficiently transmitted through the nation’s transmission grid at a frequency of 50.26Hz by 8.15pm on 28 October.

HZ means the frequency rate at which current changes direction per second. This is measured in hertz(Hz).

“The new peak surpassed the 5,420.30MW achieved on Aug. 18. by 39.20MW”, Mbah said.

According to Mbah, “the Acting Managing Director, Mr Sule Ahmed Abdulaziz, commended all the players in the power sector value chain as a result of the feat.

“He attributed the gradual but steady improvement in the quantum of power delivery to collaboration by the sector players, as well as the unbridled effort by the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Power, in setting the right environment for seamless operations.”