Palliatives looting: ICPC to Investigate Sources of Looted Items

Huge crowd loot palliatives in Benin
Huge crowd loot palliatives in Benin

By Benson Michael

In the aftermath of the looting spree that ensued as a result of the protests across the country, the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) is set to commence the investigation of the sources of looted items.

This is in response to increasing public demands on the Commission to investigate and uncover the rationale behind the storage of palliative materials meant for the suffering masses in warehouses across the country which were supposed to be distributed to the people.

It should be recalled that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission had earlier in the year taken proactive measures to prevent corruption in the administration of the COVID-19 funds by setting up a monitoring team that was charged with the responsibility of preventing possible abuse.

In addition to the above, the Commission drew up “Guidelines for PTF Management of COVID-19 Relief Funds” and issued an advisory on the management of the COVID-19 relief funds.

The scope of the monitoring activities of ICPC did not cover CACOVID funds which were donated by individuals and private sector organizations as palliatives, but only the Federal Government funds used to procure relief materials and other palliatives.

“In view of the recent looting spree, ICPC will investigate the sources of goods looted from palliatives warehouses, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and private houses to unravel whether or not the properties looted were personally acquired, government procured, CACOVID donated, or are empowerment materials which are part of the constituency projects initiative of the Federal Government.

“ICPC will also scale up the monitoring of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) charged with the acquisition and distribution of COVID-19 palliative relief materials and make public its findings in due course,” the body said in a statement.


  1. The problem in our Nigeria is that home has failed, schools have failed, churches have failed, mosques have failed and the so called elites and government are completely failure and disgrace. The so called political elites travel regularly to developed countries where people like them built. They drive on well-constructed roads where people like them built, they acquire the best healthcare. Their children attended schools where people like them established. They enjoy steady power supply and many other public utilities in those developed countries. We called our country giant of African but our compatriots in Ghana and other small African countries are humiliating and treating our people like slaves. My worries is that the same youth that are bastardizing and looking our society are the same set of people that hijacks ballot boxes and served as political thugs. Looting the warehouses will not solve the problem because they will soon return to political thuggery and ballot boxes hijacks in the upcoming by-elections whiles the children of the so called political elites enjoys the best of lives in oversea. Who is fooling who?? One cannot eat his or her care and expect to have it. The other day, one of the celebrities was asking our mothers to go naked in the streets in protest and I asked him to allow his mother lead the naked street protest.
    Make the youth shine thier eyes oooo

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