Josep Maria Bartomeu

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Barcelona’s President, Josep Bartomeu has resigned his appointment after six years as the club’s president.

He announced his resignation of the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona on Tuesday at a press conference.

Barcelona have been having poor runs in La Liga and in Europe.

The latest was a 1-3 loss to Real Madrid at the Camp Nou in last Saturday’s El-clasico.

Few months ago, Barcelona received their biggest humiliation as they were demolished by Bayern Munich 7-1 in champions league quarter-finals.

The poor runs made Lionel Messi, the club’s sensation decided to leave the club, but he was pressured to stay.

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Since agreeing to stay, Messi has been having poor runs as he hardly scores for Barcelona these days.

Bartomeu was due to leave the club next year with election called for March, but his exit came too soon as fans and others mounted pressure on him to leave.

The club’s members called for a vote of no confidence in an effort to get Bartomeu out immediately.

A total of 20,687 votes were gathered for the motion against Bartomeu, passing the threshold of 16,250 signatures required for the vote to go ahead.

He became Barcelona’s president in 2014, following the resignation of Sandro Rosell.

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