Indonesian police

The Indonesian police shot dead a drug trafficker who wanted to bring 7.3 kg of crystal methamphetamine to Central Sulawesi province’s capital of Palu, a police officer said.

“The police have taken stern measures against the suspect identified as S and rushed him to the police’s Bhayangkara hospital in Palu, but he died on Sunday (Oct. 25),’’ the Central Sulawesi provincial police’s Chief Inspector-General, Abdul Rakhman Baso, said on Tuesday.

Baso said during an investigation process, S did not cooperate and refused to admit the drugs belonged to him and tried to escape, forcing the police to shoot him.

The police on Saturday managed to capture S and another one identified as U who were found with the contrabands, Baso said, adding that the police found 6 kg of the illicit drugs in six packages and another 1.3 kg in 13 packages.

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The police chief said that the two perpetrators were suspected of belonging to a cross-provincial and cross-island drug network.

“Those who violate the law on narcotics could face a range of punishment between a minimum jail term of six years and a maximum of death penalty,’’ he said.