Daniel Guaragna

Having made over $35 million in sales at just 26 years old, Daniel Guaragna has gained notoriety and success as a speaker on sales and business. As the founder of Canada’s #1 sales agency and sales training company, “The Sales Agency”, Daniel now travels the world, sharing his expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.

Speaking on standing out within the sales industry, Daniel highlights the fact that there are many great educators in the field. The problem?

According to Daniel, “they educate on content that is irrelevant in the 21st century, or they are not entertaining.” For his part, Daniel has harnessed the power of social media, putting in over 3000 hours of free sales training on Facebook and Instagram live over the past three years. This distinction has allowed him to train over 150,000 people with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

“After selling for the last decade, I have realized that every sales trainer and manager teaches their team the same basic principle: how to ‘push’ their clients to a decision. I’m just the first one to cut through the fat and get straight to the meat of the matter,” Daniel explains.

“My secret sauce is simply ensuring that the buyer is the one begging for a sale to be closed and not vice-versa.”

With this mindset, Daniel hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams and achieve success. “Don’t wait!” he says, before adding, “No matter what you see outside your door or hear on the evening news, there is no better time than the present to start your own sales career.”