Fashola given new names after ‘Camcorder discovery’

Fashola discovering a camcorder
Fashola discovering a camcorder

Former governor of Lagos and now minister for works and housing, Raji Fashola has earned multiple appellations, since he announced he found a Camcorder at the Lekki Toll Gate on Sunday.

Fashola, who erroneously called the small camera, a CCTV and gingerly picked it from where it openly sat, has been the butt of jokes on Twitter.

Some call him Inspector Fashola.

One commenter said he is now “Detective Fashola Holmes”, after the famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.

One writer even gave him the Holmes name in full: Sherlock Holmes Jr.

Another said Fashola is now the Jack Bauer of Ikoyi, never mind that Fashola carried out his controversial detective work in Victoria Island.

Bauer is a fictional character, an FBI agent and the lead protagonist of the Fox Television series 24.

Fashola is also now called 007 Fashola, after James Bond, Agent 007.

And another tweet said he forgot his CIA badge at Lekki.

Read the hilarious tweets about the works minister: