Fani-Kayode goes after Tinubu’s jugular over ‘Jagaban’ comment

Fani-Kayode says Tinubu's presidential ambition cannot stop agitation for Oduduwa Republic
Fani-Kayode and Tinubu

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Critic, Femi Fani-Kayode has attacked the National leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu for saying that he did not travel out and that he is ‘still the Asiwaju of Lagos and Jagaban.’

One of the reporters had asked Tinubu, who paid a condolence visit on Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu in Marina on Saturday: “Sir, we were told that you were in London, you were in Paris, when did you return?”

Tinubu replied: “I didn’t go no where, I am a Lagosian, I still hold the title of Asiwaju of Lagos and I am still the JAGABAN.”

This is the comment that infuriated Fani-Kayode and he barked out: “You are heartless, you are cold-blooded, you are wicked, you lack empathy for the suffering and you are a sociopath. Your spell may work on others but it does not work on me.

Displaying serious hatred for Tinubu, Fani-Kayode added: “Your spell cannot silence, bind or blind me like it has done to others. I see you for what you are and your vain and boastful words here have confirmed it. To think I once loved and admired you gives me sleepless nights and goose pimples. How could I have been so blind?

“When Baba Fasoranti’s daughter was murdered by Fulani herdsmen you made mockery of it, went to his house and asked “where are the cows?”

“This was insensitive, callous and painful and all the more so because when the murderers of this much-loved and referred lady were eventually apprehended and arrested they were indeed Fulani herdsmen even though their cows were not arrested with them.”

Fani-Kayode further said: “The latest episode in your catalogue of atrocities is that children that were protesting peacefully and asking for #EndSARS and an end to police brutality have been slaughtered at Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos under your watch as National Leader of the APC.

“Sadly instead of exhibiting any remorse or displaying any regret for this abominable atrocity, with a sheepish smile and a sneering and jocular tone, you had the sheer nerve and effrontery to say nothing other than that you are “still the Asiwaju of Lagos and the Jagaban.”


  1. Im sure FFK forgot to use his insanity drugs before writing these rubbish.
    If he’s so popular let him go and contest ordinary local govt chairmanship election in Ile Ife under his party PinDiPi to see if a contestant from Kowa party would not defeat him.
    Like father like son.

  2. I’m not a fan of FFK but we should very careful to condemn him. I’m waiting for the result of the full investigation about the killings of the peaceful protesters.But FKK is right for saying TINUBU LACKS EMPATHY. That was not the right time to tell people that you are still the Asiwaju and Jagaban. Still, my main question is, WHO ORDERED THE KILLINGS OF THE PEACEFUL PROTESTERS?.

  3. You said it all sir their spell cannot work on us anymore ; hes a murderer afterall he ordered the killings and denied it yet he was begging for the release of his son; hes asiwaju of murderers, and its time for God to lead us now

  4. i neither support FFK neither am i supporting Asiwaju. All i know is that this time calls for sober reflection. It is not a time to tell the whole world your tittle neither is it a time to use abusive language on others. “ENI TO KAN LO MO.

  5. Fani-Kayode Koshide barawo is just a stupid nuisance what moral pedigree does he have to insult Tinubu.. a very haughty ,uppity and pedestrian thief\…im sure he’s hungry and just jealousy but he will never go beyond the foothold of Asiwaju

  6. I wonder Y everybody here is now defending Thiefnubu, after all that has happened? Indeed his spell is working on all of u idiots. FFK may not be good in anyway but we can’t forget so soon that lives were lost & the biggest looter showed no empathy but only boosted? Nigerian people has no sense of reasoning that has been my problem with them

  7. Fani Kayode’s bravery is unmatchable. This is a man would easily just like other wicked and selfish politicians be singing praises of Tinubu and Buhari just for pecuniary considerations.

    Alas, not Fani Kayode. What a bold, selfless, courageous and the v most detribalised Nigerian. Fani Kayode is a blessing to Nigeria and humanity.

    When Buhari’s Fulani herdsmen killers army led by brutal Buratai ordered the massacre of over 500 Shia muslim, it was Fani Kayode who spoke out and cried for justice.

    When Fulani herdsmen killers butchered southern Kaduna Christians, just like they are still butchering them, it is always Fani Kayode that keeps speaking out.

    When Buhari’s Fulani herdsmen killers army led by brutal Buratai ordered the massacre of unarmed IPOB agitators, it was Fani Kayode who spoke out and cried for justice for the Biafrans even at the risk of being unjustly accused of sponsoring the IPOB agitators.

    As SARS keeps brutalizing and killing Nigerians, even before the EndSars protests, it has always been Fani Kayode who always spoke against Buhari’s police high-handedness.

    As the Buhari’s Fulani herdsmen killers move from state to state abducting, raping, killing and butchering Nigerians and subsequently razing farmlands, it’s mostly Fani Kayode who speaks out.

    When Buhari try to use RUGA to take ancestral lands of Southerners and hand over to his Fulani herdsmen killers, it was Fani Kayode who spoke out loudest.

    As Buhari keeps releasing BOKO Haram terrorists under the spurious claim they have repentant terrorists, it’s always Fani Kayode who speaks out the loudest against the unlawful act

    When Buhari’s government, unlawfully arrested Fani Kayode for concocted allegations of sleaze and financial malfeasance during his time at the aviation ministry. There was no one to speak out for Fani Kayode. Nigerian youths why?

    Apparently, Nigerians have no regards for activists and freedom fighters.

    What a confused and conscienceless generation. What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

    • Few weeks ago, you were berating this nuisance called Fani Kayode for cursing and threatening to beat a journalist. Now he is suddenly your truthsayer, indeed you and him belong in the same sphere, stupid avenue.

  8. Why is this dude ranting? The last time he was the one playing god over a journalist who should have taken him to the cleaners. This Kayode fella is blowing beyond his height, is it because there is no more Jonathan largesse to loot. You’re all the problem of this nation. No job, why won’t he be ranting.

  9. Fani kayode is stupid,full of jealousy. you are one of the idiots that turned us to where we are today !!!!!! the looters….

  10. You must have assume we have forgotten your unwarranted insults and abuses to a simple question by a journalist, guess because according to you,he is a nobody ,suddenly you have become defender of youths and norms.You are the example of everything that is wrong with Nigeria. Double edge sword.

  11. FFK cannot even win a councillorship post in his ward talk-less of contesting for Asiwaju and jagaban,I don’t know why this our former son in-law always choose fight in everything, it’s time we chase & beat out the PDP & APC in their brains, useless politicians. NOTHING GOOD IN THEIR BRAINS.

  12. FFK contest the position of Asiwaju and jagaban with Tinubu if you envy that position. You insult everybody to the extent that your insults are ev en an insult to yourselves Keep quiet. You the machant of fake news! You send fake news arround that he has ran away . Why won’t he state his own side of the story?
    You fear your shadow.

    • Thank u so much for acknowledging FFK’s stupidity nd jealousy for Tinubu. Though I’m not in support of anything that happened at Lekki during the #ENDSARS protest nd I don’t know who gave the order for the killings of innocent protesters.

    • Definitely, FFK has a sick and troubled soul.
      Just imagine his choice of vile and indecorous language on fake assumptions.
      What a guy!
      No wonder he can’t sustain a marriage.
      Violent language from fake premise. Shiioor!

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