By Nimot Adetola Sulaimon

Nigerian singer, Simisola Ogunleye better known as Simi has written an open letter, pouring out heartfelt emotions on the recent uprising in Nigeria, the #EndSARS protests.

The Duduke queen who recently became a mom after delivering her first child with her husband, Adekunle Gold, wrote that she wants a Nigeria that her daughter will be proud of.

Simi lamented on how the Nigerian system have developed rot and corruption over the years.

Read her statement below

Obviously, we all know the rot does not stop at Nigerian Police. I believe that most of the people in power don’t care about making Nigeria better because they can afford the backup. They can decide in a twinkle of an eye to travel to Europe or the U.S for holiday. But if these countries didn’t do the work required to be the first world countries, where would you have gone?

Majority of the population can’t afford to run away. Most people are living in poverty. Most are still struggling to satisfy their basic needs…food, water, clothing, health, accommodation. Is it someone that has not eaten or paid their child’s school fees that want to be asking about health insurance?

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And this why it’s so darn easy to buy the Nigerian vote because unfortunately, they don’t know what they are selling. That’s why any thug would collect N1,500 to attack people fighting for them. They don’t understand what is on the line.

And of course, Mr Politician, you take advantage of your own people. They don’t know better. You give them a bag of rice because they are hungry. You promise them 2,000 naira, because their kids need new shoes and they don’t know they are selling the future of those same kids.

Imagine campaigning to win an election by promising good roads. In the 21st century. FFS! This is why it’s hard for me to trust any politician in Nigeria. They say what they think we want to hear so they can have their own slice of the National Cake. Because you can afford to protect and provide for your own children, the rest of Nigeria can burn for all you care?

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The most memorable thing about the Senators is that they fight. That’s why we need to also take Senate elections very seriously. If you have no desire yo better Nigeria, why are you running for office? Why arent you passionate about building a Nigeria that other people want to come to? The brain drain is astounding.

Almost everyone is trying to run away. The moment many people leave, they start to thrive and succeed in their field. It’s not a coincidence.

I was in a taxi once and this middle-aged man told me he was trying to sell his property in Nigeria for a chance to go abroad. He had no plan, no family there, but he was willing to give up everything he had for a little bit of hope.

In Nigeria, its survival for the richest, the most connected. No hope for the average person; how can you survive without hope? There is no gold on the streets of Canada, there’s just hope. These countries are eager to take us in soon as we do the tests that prove we have something to offer… same things we should have been using to build our own country.

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We don’t realise that even studying a course that was offered to you (that you didn’t want), we have mastered defeat. When you pay a bribe to get your innocent son out of jail, we have mastered defeat. When someone dies in the hospital because of a lack of basic equipment, we have mastered defeat.

Mr President, Mr Governor, Mr Senator, this is your legacy?!?!