Peter Obi drums support for #EndSARS protesters

Peter Obi : attacked by BMO as a liar
Peter Obi

By Nimot Adetola Sulaimon

Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi on Sunday showed support for Nigerian youths, particularly the #EndSARS protesters who held nationwide candlelight procession for fallen patriots.

These fallen patriots are Nigerian youths who have died from the carelessness and brutality of the Police.

Obi wrote that the candlelight ceremony showed how the youths value their dead mates.

”Your candlelight memorial of yesterday shows that you place premium value on your fallen patriots. I heard you loud and clear and stand in solidarity with you in the quest for a better Nigeria. #EndSARS


    • See Adeola, the youths will soon get to you and I. Wait for what is coming. We will vomit all that we have eaten. A new Nigeria is emerging whether you like it or not. That man ”Obi” whom you call useless is better than Buhari and my northern brothers ruling Nigeria today. Tell me, who is better than Obi in yorubaland today???

      I’m here in America enjoying myself. Let all the Northern leader pay the price for holding Nigeria down for many years all because of their hatred for the Igbos. They are technologically inclined. They are entrepreneurs and business oriented yet we ignore them. Tell me, how far have we gone after ignoring and hating them?

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