Prophet T.B. Joshua

Pastor T.B. Joshua: saw #EndSAR protest in 2013

By Abankula

Pastor T.B. Joshua predicted a youth revolt as far back as 2013, a trending video has shown.

In a sermon at the Synagogue of Church Nations on 14 July 2013, he claimed to have a vision from God.

Reading from a text that he titled, “Carry your youth along’, he predicted that a revolution is coming in Nigeria.

He said it will start with a protest on the streets.

“Every revolution starts with a protest. When it starts by protests, at that protest, the power can stop them. But when it becomes revolution, no one can stop it.

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“I am seeing people taking to the streets. It might be stopped at the beginning. But eventually it becomes so big, it cannot be stopped. .. Everyone is ready to die. This I see happen”.

The church leader prayed for Nigeria.

He also suggested the way out. He said youths must be engaged by government and be a part of governance at all levels.

Watch the video: