Adamu Garba and Kate Henshaw

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw on Thursday clashed with the chief executive officer of IPI Group Adamu Garba for threatening Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey after the latter lent his voice to the #EndSARS protest.

Jack had on Wednesday night tweeted in support of the End SARS protests.

The philanthropist, who tweeted a link on EndSARS and EndPoliceBrutality, also urged people to donate to help the movement.

Reacting, Adamu Garba in a tweet via his Twitter account warned the CEO to avoid “Nigerian politics”.

He also alleged that the End SARS protest had transformed into a political agitation capable of breaking law and order in the country.

The 49-year-old actress commented on Mr Garba’s Twitter thread saying, “I am embarrassed on ‘its’ behalf.”

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She added: “Yes na.. humans have sense. This one, not one of us clearly.”

Garba replied the actress saying, “Let @HenshawKate attack me if she likes, I don’t care. We are Nigerians and we should talk about our country freely with one another. But not from foreigners, who donate for our local instability.

“I’ve watched Kate since ‘Tears for Love’ days and I’m proud of her, regardless.”